"We keep moving forward." -Walt Disney
"We keep moving forward." -Walt Disney
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The B-Roll: Addresses of Disneyland

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Mickey's Neighborhood Sign


In this blog series, we bring you the transcripts for some of our favorite flash briefings! Head over here or play below if you prefer to listen to the final cut!


  • Hi everyone!
  • Get ready to seal your envelops and lick your stamps, today, let’s talk about the addresses of Disneyland!
  • It’s no secret that the detail and story of Disney Parks are second to none, but would you believe that even within Disneyland Park, the buildings have addresses?
  • Let’s start on Main Street.
  • Entering the park you’ll find the Disneyland Fire Department on the west side of Town Square.
    • On either side of the building’s central sign you’ll see the number "105"
    • This is, 105 Town Square, Main Street USA
    • And in the same building on the second floor is Walt Disney’s private apartment
    • In the window to the apartment, just above the fire department sign, you’ll see a light shining to signify the spirit of Walt
  • From one iconic building to another, let’s make our way to Toontown!
    • Here you’ll find Mickey’s house, the yellow building with a green door and a Mickey silhouette window
    • You’ve reached, 1 Neighborhood Lane
    • The story goes, that Mickey has actually been calling this residence home long before it opened at Disneyland in 1993
    • It’s said that Mickey has been living in the Toontown suburb since 1928, when he hit it big with Steamboat Willie and wanted to find a quiet neighborhood away from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood
  • The list of addresses goes on and on for the park, but there is one address that might be considered the most famous and yet the most secret!
    • No. 33 Royal Street
    • Located in New Orleans Square, you’ll see an ornate gray door with the number "33" etched in glass above it
    • This is the address of Club 33, the infamous private club Walt Disney originally created for corporate VIPs and sponsors
  • And, just in case you did want to mail a letter to an outside address from Disneyland and make friends and family insanely jealous, there are several real mailboxes throughout the park!

    New Orleans Square Street Sign

    Street signs of New Orleans Square in Disneyland  (Photo credit: Disney)

    Club 33 Entrance

    Before and after entry doors to Club 33 after an expansion changed the address from 33 Royal Street (left) to 33 Orleans Street (right) (Photo credit: Disney)

    Disneyland Mailbox

    UPDATE: After a renovation and expansion to Club 33, the address to the entrance is now, No. 33 Orleans Street!

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