"We keep moving forward." -Walt Disney
"We keep moving forward." -Walt Disney
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Doppler the Eland Makes His Safari Debut

Animal Kingdom Conservation Kilimanjaro Safaris

Doppler the eland!Photo credit: Disney

About two months ago, a baby eland named Doppler was born into the Animal Kingdom family! This week, he made his debut on Kilimanjaro Safaris! Doppler was named for his arrival around the time hurricane Dorian threatened to make landfall at the Orlando Disney parks.

Clover and DorianClover and Dorian. Photo credit: Disney

Dorian has spent the last couple of months backstage bonding with his mom, Clover. The two spent time exploring the savanna this week when they came on stage.

Elands are among the largest antelopes in the world. Dorian was 70 pounds when he was born, and at two months he's doubled in weight! He will continue nursing while still eating the traditional herbivore diet of elands. Disney says his favorite foods are lettuce, carrots, and sweet potatoes!

Dorian Scoping Out Giraffe FriendsDorian scoping out giraffe friends! Photo credit: Disney

We can't wait to catch him on the savanna!

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