"We keep moving forward." -Walt Disney
"We keep moving forward." -Walt Disney
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Genie-Inspired Treats Appear at Disney Springs

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Genie Cake Pop

Photo credit: IG @merbearmagic

On the heels of the live-action Aladdin making a huge debut Memorial Day weekend, you can now find genie-inspired treats at Disney Springs!

Candy Cauldron has introduced a genie cake pop and caramel apple! The cake pop is chocolate cake, covered in icing and sanding sugar in the signature genie blue, wrapped with a red icing sash, and topped with a marshmallow. The caramel apple is a granny smith apple covered in caramel and wrapped in the same toppings as the cake pop.

Which of these treats will be one of your wishes?!

Source: Chip & Co.

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