"We keep moving forward." -Walt Disney
"We keep moving forward." -Walt Disney
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It's Just a Bunch of "Hocus Pocus"... LEGO Set!

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Hocus Pocus LEGO SetPhoto credit:  TheAmbrinator on LEGO Ideas

Hocus Pocus is the 1993 Halloween cult classic that tells the tale of the Sanderson Sisters' quest to stay young before getting stopped in their tracks by some meddling kids. Now, you can help the movie become iconized with its very own LEGO set!

Sanderson Sisters CottagePhoto credit:  TheAmbrinator on LEGO Ideas

One LEGO builder has proposed a Sanderson Sisters' Cottage set via the LEGO Ideas website. The set needs fan votes to turn it into a kit to be produced for purchase. Created by user, TheAmbrinator, they describe the idea as not only great for Hocus Pocus fans, but for fans of haunted houses also:

This is the famous haunted house owned by the three witches in Salem; the Sanderson sisters. The lego-set is inspired by the movie Hocus Pocus. I absolutely loved this movie as a kid and never stopped loving it ever since! When I rewatched the movie this week and saw the Sanderson-house, a voice in my head said that this house would be an awesome Lego set not only for Hocus Pocus-fans, but for all people who like haunted houses and well.... just a bunch of hocus pocus!

Sanderson Sister Cottage

Photo credit:  TheAmbrinator on LEGO Ideas

Fans of the film will definitely recognize familiar sights from the cottage, including the black flame candle!


Hocus Pocus LEGO Characters

Photo credit:  TheAmbrinator on LEGO Ideas

The details are pretty impressive, right down to Mary having a vacuum in hand! Cast your vote here.

Source: Inside The Magic

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