"We keep moving forward." -Walt Disney
"We keep moving forward." -Walt Disney
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Mickey's Star Traders Now Just Star Traders

Magic Kingdom Tomorrowland

Mickey's Star TradersPhoto credit: Disney

Tomorrowland in Magic Kingdom has been undergoing a transformation and borderline identity crisis as of late. Much of the exterior theming elements have been undergoing slight transformations with new paint colors and patterns. The biggest change to happen so far has been the removal of the steampunk-inspired Tomorrowland sign back in September.

The latest refurbishment to hit the land was at Mickey's Star Traders, a merch location on the main drag of the land.

Star Traders RefurbishmentPhoto credit: Blog Mickey

The theming on the walls of the store has been swapped out for simple, white paint. The Mickey that was at the center of the store has also been removed.

Star Traders RefurbishmentPhoto credit: Blog Mickey

The minimal theming that was added to the walls is on the subtle side compared to before, and looks like it could almost be a cousin to the galactic purple wall.

Star Traders SignPhoto credit: Blog Mickey

One of the more interesting changes with the refurbishment came in the way of a name change for the store! What was once Mickey's Star Traders, is now just Star Traders. And the "rocketeer Mickey" sign has been swapped out for a sleek, mid-century design.

Rocketeer MickeyPhoto credit: Main Street Gazette

As more subtle changes sweep Tomorrowland, what does this signal for the future design of the land?! 


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