"We keep moving forward." -Walt Disney
"We keep moving forward." -Walt Disney
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Newest Animal Kingdom Giraffe is Named

Animal Kingdom Conservation

On Oct. 1, the newest addition to the Masai giraffe tower at Animal Kingdom has been given a name! Disney Parks Blog released a poll of four names that guests would be able to vote on to decide what the young female would be called. Drum roll... her name is Amira, or "princess" in Swahili! So you might say that she is the newest Disney princess!

Already standing at 5 feet tall, Disney animal experts are describing her as an "adventurous young calf." Amira is already taking steps on stage at Kilimanjaro Safari, accompanied by mom Kenya. Masai giraffes are considered a vulnerable species, and if not carefully monitored may soon become endangered.

Kenya and Amira

Amira has already found a bestie on the savanna, Aella! Another female Masai calf born just two months prior. Keep a look out for them the next time your in Harambe on Kilimanjaro Safari!

Amira and Aella

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